Green Web Hosting is Here!

We value your business, but we also know the importance of our planet. That’s why we use 100% renewable energy to host our websites. Our servers use renewable green energy from local sources everywhere we can through the purchase of renewable energy certificates. Your website is important, but so is the earth. We hope that this […]

Our Websites are in the Cloud!

Looking for web hosting in the Cloud? Florida Website Design delivers redundant, scalable computing at the best value available!  Our web servers use a sophisticated geographically distributed network of computing resources that get your website close to your visitor – no matter where in the world they might be.  With our enterprise class support and […]

International Election Monitoring and Reporting

International Election Monitoring and Reporting

Recently we had the pleasure of assisting the the Bahrain chapter of Transparency International in deploying a monitoring and reporting solution for the Bahraini National Elections. Elections monitors and everyday citizens were able to instantly report elections related incidents to the Bahrain Transparency Society for validation using mobile phones, the internet or email thanks to […]

New web presence wows

As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’ve spruced things up a bit recently. Our customers are always raving about how well we improve their web presence, so we thought we would give the redesign process a try ourselves.  We are proud to report that everything has gone according to plan and we are up and running […]