International Election Monitoring and Reporting

Recently we had the pleasure of assisting the the Bahrain chapter of Transparency International in deploying a monitoring and reporting solution for the Bahraini National Elections.

Elections monitors and everyday citizens were able to instantly report elections related incidents to the Bahrain Transparency Society for validation using mobile phones, the internet or email thanks to our our proprietary software and mobile gateway solutions.

Our staff created a custom digital gazetteer of Bahrain that allowed us to overlay district boundaries and population density data over an interactive map, and enabled map polling location data to be transcribed into geocoordinates in real time. Our geolocation services made it possible for election monitors to map incidents by simply sending a text message – allowing instant delivery of vital election data. This revolutionary new system allowed data to be correlated both statistically within a database, and visually using heat-maps in a matter of seconds during the election. Where it once took days or weeks of processing to gather statistical data on the fairness of election, it can now be done virtually instantly!

Check back soon for a complete case study on digital election monitoring in Bahrain!


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