Green Web Hosting is Here!

We value your business, but we also know the importance of our planet.

That’s why we use 100% renewable energy to host our websites. Our servers use renewable green energy from local sources everywhere we can through the purchase of renewable energy certificates. Your website is important, but so is the earth. We hope that this will be one small step toward a better world to live in and is our gift to our customers and our ecosystem.

We encourage all of our customers to take their own small steps toward a more sustainable future; it is easy to do! From implementing a recycling program in your workplace to community cleanups to planting trees or gardens for a future generation to enjoy, we hope everyone will do their part to improve where we live.

We promise to continue doing our part by continuing to build a sustainable business.  We consider our impact on the world around us to be just as important as our reliable and friendly customer service!


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