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Tired of outsourced support or unhelpful “support technicians” that can only read from a script? We are too. That’s why we offer our customers website hosting solutions with 100% U.S. based technical support available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We offer everything from simple access to a managed hosting interface to dedicated services, virtual private servers (VPS) and much more.

Our hosting services make use of multiple data centers throughout the world to provide consistent, fast, reliable service no matter where you are or what your hosting needs. When you host with us you will have access to a world-class Content Delivery Network (CDN) that uses cloud technologies to serve and protect your website. By providing multiple links for data transport for your data we often achieve faster response times than even Google or facebook can provide! Don’t believe us? Try it yourself by pinging flwebsitedesigner.com and then pinging Google or Facebook. You will undoubtedly see that the time it takes to return your ping is as good or faster than Facebook or Google.

Best Support, Best Value

If you are looking for the lowest price for web hosting, we’re sorry, we don’t do that. Our prices for hosting are the best value available on the internet and our support is top notch, but we can’t offer hosting for under $1 or for free. We really hope this makes sense to you, and we really hope you will be thrilled with our prices — they start at just $15.00 per month for a managed hosting account!

Giving you what you need

Most hosting companies offer only cookie-cutter hosting packages that rarely provide what a customer is looking for. At Florida Website Designer we custom fit hosting to your needs. Don’t pay for features you don’t need anymore! We don’t force you to upgrade to another “tier” of pricing that includes all sorts of fancy features you don’t need just to get one you do! We offer discounts when you combine services and features, but we don’t penalize you when you need just one — get almost any feature or service á la carte!

Contact us today for a free hosting quote that is tailored to your needs!

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